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Surfrider Foundation Europe 2012

Surfrider Foundation Europe 2012

Thanks to the partnership between Quiksilver and Surfrider Foundation Europe a project aiming to reveal the presence of chemical substances in coastal water and to evaluate their potential impacts has been launched. Already funded thanks to the last Green Campaigns, this project will still be financed through the 2012 Green Campaign.

Today there is a legislative gap within the French legislation regarding coastal water monitoring. Thus, some parameters as macro-waste or physicochemical substances are not taken into account in coastal water quality control. European legislation still does not include nautical activities zones and monitor coastal water only during summer time and only take into account the bacteriological aspect of water quality.
Therefore, this pioneering study will allow the beginning of reflections between local actors and public policies in order to solve pollution problems.

Since 2007, Surfrider Foundation Europe monitors coastal water quality year round on the Mediterranean coast by focusing on bacteriological criteria. In 2011, 1 121 water samples have been tested. Those tests highlighted 59 pollutions. From there, investigations have been launched and 28 pollution origins have been identified.
This survey led, at the end of year 2011, to the ranking of coastal waters according to their quality based on a 4 years data base.     

Year 2012 will be an opportunity for Surfrider Foundation Europe to complete the existing bacteriological survey network with a chemical expertise of Mediterranean coastal waters. Water samples testing will go further since they will also focus on hydrocarbons and their impact on marine environment and users’ health. At the end of 2012 a pedagogical tool will be designed and released in order to sensitize and alert the public about risks linked to chemical pollutions.

Finally, in 2013 will take place the Chemical Symposium  where Surfrider Foundation Europe’s results and analyses will be presented and debated in front of experts and scientists specialized in that field.  

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