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Surfeurs Solidaires

Surfeurs Solidaires

By encouraging surf clubs development in developing countries, « Surfeurs Solidaires » aims to teach youths of these countries to work together on communal projects.

This association helps young people to set up associative structures that will train the future surfers of these disadvantaged regions. This method allows them to gain in autonomy and responsibility as they become real actors of their coastlines.

Once these structures are developed, Surfeurs Solidaires pursue its mission by sending surf equipment collected in France and by providing educational support and logistics.

Since 2001, “Surfeurs solidaires” has participated to the creation of the first Algerian surf club and to six others structures in Morocco, Madagascar and the republic of Cote d’Ivoire.

In 2013 Surfeurs Solidaires aims to develop two new partnerships in Congo and Sao Tome.

We invite you to watch the film about their adventure in Algeria or consult their facebook to find out how to help.