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Reef Check 2011

Reef Check 2011

Green Campaign Indian Ocean 2010-2012: promotes the follow-up of reef health in the long term by local populations.

Since 2003, the Quiksilver Foundation has supported the Reef Check Reunion Island project. Thus, many boardriders from Reunion Island came with scientists’ teams in order to follow and check the reef health. Thanks to the good results in Reunion Island and to the funds collected by the 2010 Green Campaign, the Reef Check team began several projects of dissemination in the Indian Ocean to make more and more volunteers take part in the active protection of coral reefs and to offer long term tools of decision making assistance to managers of coastal areas.

Several islands were focused on to sustainably improve local skills: Mayotte in 2010, Madagascar in 2011 and Juan de Nova in 2012.

The Reef Check Mayotte program promotes the interest and the commitment of young people from the island, future managers of their natural heritage, to protection and management of coral reefs of the Lagoon Island. Therefore, an expedition, wholly supported by the Quiksilver Foundation, has been lead in December 2010 and 3 goals were identified:

  1.  To double the number of Reef Check follow-up stations in Mayotte;
  2. To train new teams of volunteers, motivated and native of Mayotte, to keep an eye on these reefs next years
  3. Make an educative movie about the Reef Check initiative

The expedition took place during 6 days allowing the scientists team to put in place 4 new follow-up stations between 2 and 12 meters of depth. In total, 18 people have been trained to the Reef Check method thanks to a movie presentation of the initiative developed since 2003 in the Reunion Island, and to exercises on board or on the beach facing the reef.  

It is absolutely clear, 10 years ago, everyone observed a richer and more diversified faun. Even in the short run, everyone denounces the impoverishment of their reef without being able to concretely act. Thus, everyone wants to pursue the collaboration with the Mayotte Reef Check program in order to inform the local population of the health of their reefs.

Moreover, alongside of this technical expedition, an educative movie will be produced this year. This tool could reach more people in the future through a TV and Internet broadcast.

It was the first step of the Green Campaign project in the Indian Ocean. The initiative should be shared from 2011 with Madagascar.

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