Foundation projects

Kynarou SoWater

This year, the Quiksilver Foundation decided to become the partner of the association Kynarou on a project called “So Water”. Founded in 2004, Kynarou would lead projects to help the social and economic development of disadvantaged villages in the South of India, overall in the Tamil Nadu State. “So Water” is a 2 years project which should begin in July 2011. It has to fulfill 3 main objectives:

  • the improvement of water access of the local populations (12% of Indians cannot access drinking water),
  • the reinforcement of the autonomy of the local inhabitants
  • the diffusion of awareness campaigns about a good working knowledge of hygiene in order to reduce the propagation of diseases

 To reach these aims, several actions will be implemented in 3 villages selected according to their hydraulic installations conditions. On the menu: building of structures to clean up water, creation of collective toilets and an educational stage on the responsible management of water will be provided for children and population to make the effects of this project sustainable.