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Kynarou 2012

Kynarou 2012

Thanks to the support of the Quiksilver Foundation, Kynarou was able to achieve the launch of its project « So water », in order to give access to clean water, hygiene and health care in 3 disadvantaged villages located in the Tamil Nadu (south India).

Kynarou fit out drinking-water networks, set up communal toilets and a waste management system through social and technical activities.

Kynarou’s actions: field studies, raising awareness in villages, training management committees, supporting microfinance, raising awareness in schools through drama, hydraulic and sanitary projects, project management and results evaluation.

Kynarou realize its project in partnership with local associations, who are the best experts regarding villages’ needs in this region, and with technical companies involved in the idea of empowering disadvantaged villages. The cooperation with local authorities makes projects’ progress easier thanks to their involvement and their request for locals’ involvement during works.

“So Water” project focus on raising awareness regarding water management, hygiene and environment because Kynarou learnt by experience that it is through education that villagers’ health will be improved. To do so, Kynarou recruited one social worker per village to ensure behaviors’ monitoring regarding water and health. He will also ensure regular training on various themes with target groups thanks to education specialists and a local drama troupe.

Within few months, it is already possible to notice changes brought by the project in villages. People who are now aware are able to manage infrastructures and to inform others about the right behavior to adopt in order to use them properly. Moreover, medical data from primary health centers shows that hydric diseases are decreasing.

Those are definitely great news and enhance the wish to carry on the good work; this is why the “So Water” project is spreading to 9 more villages where Kynarou will set-up water supply systems, communal toilets and waste management system. The association is planning to select 10 new villages in 2013, to achieve the same objectives.

Thanks to Kynarou’s action, 20 000 people have now access to drinking water, communal toilets and to hygiene in their village.

Congrats to them!

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