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2012 Surf Day for Kids

2012 Surf Day for Kids

A Charity Surf Day sponsored by the Quiksilver Foundation was held on Thursday 13th of December 2012 in Point Lonsdale for some very special children holidaying at the children’s charity - Cottage by the Sea.

Cottage by the Sea offers disadvantaged children the opportunity to grow, learn and play - away from the stress of their everyday lives. The Cottage was established in 1890 to provide relief care, in a holiday environment, for children from all over Victoria. Over the years since we have provided relief care and support to tens of thousands of children.

During the year Cottage by the Sea hosts around 1,000 special children. Some of these children have been referred for a special surf day. Here the children learned how to surf, go stand up paddle boarding and just had fun hanging out with friends for a day to remember!

Key activities included Mark Phipps and Point Lonsdale Surf School providing fantastic learn to surf lessons for the Cottage kids plus a wonderful lunch consisting of wood fired pizza’s and Mr Whippy ice creams donated by Quiksilver . A very special presentation of  a Quiksilver showbag of products was made to each child by Quiksilver Foundation representative Louise O’brien.The kids went crazy over the wonderful lunch and the gift packs! 

Tony Featherston from Cottage by the Sea, stated “demand for assistance by the community has increased dramatically over the last few years and the Cottage simply cannot provide a holiday and accommodation for every child in need without community support. I am thrilled that people, surfers and organizations like Quiksilver and the Point Lonsdale Surf School continue donating resources to make the day a success.”