Commitment projects

The Garro Domain

The Garro Domain

We have decided to support a local organization, the Garro Domain. Every week, they are proposing to Quiksilver’s interested employees, in Halette Basque country, a basket of organic vegetables.

The Garro domain is not just a traditional farm, it is organized as a coop with collective interests. They have set themselves with 3 objectives that we support since 2011:

  • Improve methods of cultivation in organic farming with a pilot farm
  • Increase local agriculture prosperity by rebuilding links between consumers and farmers. In this way they supply local collective organizations (such as school…) and they sell their products directly to final consumers
  • Train and transfer knowledge through the establishment of a nursery farm, farmer training, hospitality training centers and informative tour groups

Our partnership is based on a commitment over a pre-defined period, like in a CSA (Community-supported agriculture). Whether the harvest is important or not, prices stay the same because farmer’s customers, or partner, are linked by solidarity.

Above the social aspect, we believe that this commitment is also environmentally responsible. Firstly, 50 % of fruits, vegetables and cereals produced by French intensive agriculture contain pesticides. Secondly, because intensive agriculture consumes 70 % of water available. In this way we contribute to preserve the main resource essential to our playgrounds.

We believe that committing ourselves to this project is a way to promote a respectful agricultural model in line with our values.

If you feel concerned by this kind of approach, CSA certainly exists next to your place, ask around, and get involved!