Commitment projects

Quiksilver Campus

The campus illustrates Quiksilver’s commitment to eco-construction and to sustainable development in general. It is designed to meet high environmental quality standards, and symbolizes the union ofarchitecture and nature. 

1. A site in harmony with the environment:

- The buildings are perfectly integrated into their surroundings

- The forest has been restored on the hillside, with 600 trees replanted and a new orchard using old varieties of fruits trees. 

2. Carefull y selected products, systems and construction processes

- «Cabin» offices were designed to blend into the forest. They have been built using Douglas pine, sourced from a sustainable, managed and replanted European forest. 
The construction is made up of prefabricated elements; the assembly of the elements is done without using any water. 
Wood was the material of choice, not just architecturally but also for ecological reasons, as it is carbon neutral. 

3. Energy management

- Optimized energy use: 85 kWh/m2/yr and with a low CO 2 footprint when in use: 3 kg of C02 eq/m2/yr The building has large windows and is open to nature. The work areas are submerged with light, but are protected from excessive exposure to the sun by high quality glass, generously overhanging roofs and movable solar protective devices.

- A special approach has been introduced to monitor and improve the building’s energy performance. It aims to encourage personnel to act responsibly and show awareness in their use of lighting, air-conditioning and heating in the building, in order to save energy wherever possible. Through the use of natural, user-controlled ventilation and innovative technologies such as phase-change materials, the complex should come close to achieving a BBC (Low Energy Building) level of performance.

- An energy check-up will then be done to verify the energy efficiency of the installations and optimize the energy budget. 

4. Waste Management

- Plan for a composter to process natural waste from the green areas and the restaurant

- Waste sorting spots spread across the campus

« Patrick Arotcharen managed to created a place that is just like us, the reflection of our lifestyle, a brilliant tool that will accompany Quiksilver’s growth in the years ahead and we are delighted that the Campus has been honoured with this new distinction »  Pierre Agnes (President Quiksilver Europe) 

In March 2011 Patrick Arotcharen, Quiksilver’s respected architect, was the award winner of the Prix Amo 2010 “Working place, Architecture and Environment” for the design and construction of the Quiksilver Campus. Created in 1983, this prize rewards the architect who has designed and conceived a structure which stands out for its architectural and environmental qualities, as well as its eco-construction and sustainable development. 

« The aim was to create a place which offered a close relationship with nature, a reflection of the surfer’s culture of living outdoors and playing with the energy of the wave or the effects of sliding down the snowy slopes and enjoying every moment. » Patrick Arotcharen (Architect)