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Green Campaign 3

Green Campaign 3

Following the success of its two first editions, Quiksilver & Roxy imagined new innovative slogans linked to three associations supported by the Quiksilver Foundation: « Keep The Ocean, Ocean » (Reef Check), « Keep The Forest, Forest » (Coeur de Forêt) et « Keep The Water, Water » (Surfrider Foundation).

Inspired by the Hawaiian slogan “Keep the Country, Country” which symbolized the movement to protect areas of Oahu’s North Shore from over-development, this message can be universally specified by everyone who wishes to preserve its own ‘piece of paradise’.

From the 30th of May till the 19th of June, all Quiksilver and Roxy stores will celebrate the Green Campaign. To do so, all stores, websites and platforms will focus on eco products, with the operation:

  • For any eco product sold 1€ will be donated  to the non-profit organizations supported by the Quiksilver Foundation
  • 2 Eco products bought = 1 Gobi offered

Gobi is the first customizable and reusable eco-designed bottle to take anywhere. To change our habits and reduce our waste, it’s a new way to drink water. It’s possible to customize your Gobi, by inserting your own picture or a mes­sage.

During the Green Campaign, every Quiksilver’s Gobi sold in our stores will contain the mes­sages «Keep the Ocean, Ocean » «Keep the Forest, Forest» «Keep the Water, Water» but you can also unleash your imagination.