Lee Ann Curren

Lee Ann Curren

Biarritz native Lee Ann, 22, has been surfing since the age of five, but has only been competing for a few years. To avoid stifling her free and independent spirit, no doubt inherited from dad Tom, three-time ASP World Champion, for a long time she preferred free surfing before discovered a taste of another adrenaline rush named competition.

After a hugely successful year in 2009 on the WQS circuit, she qualified as the youngest European ever for the 2010 WCT. Lee Ann has definitely established her place among the international surfing élite and she is also known as a really good tube rider not fearing heavy conditions.

She has a deep passion for music, she plays the bass guitar, sings with her mates and enjoys composing her own music. Gracious, stylish, ambitious and feisty, Lee Ann is also generous. Proving this in 2009, she founded her « Surf and Hope Foundation » after experiencing the hard life of kids in Brazilian favelas. Her main focus is in providing help and hope through surfing. She really has it all to become an icon in women surfing.

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