Kelly Slater

Ke11y Slater

The greatest surfer of all time. The most dominant athlete in any sport, an icon that spans generations, Pipe Master, Triple Crown Champ, Eddie Aikau winner, the youngest World Champion, the oldest World Champion. These accomplishments are just the tip of the iceberg for Kelly Slater’s legacy in surfing and beyond.

In addition to his unprecedented accomplishments in the water Kelly has a heart of gold. His professionalism and generosity has spawned the Kelly Slater Foundation whose mission is to raise awareness and financial support for existing social and environmentally conscious charities by hosting specialty fundraisers.

Honoring Kelly's historic 10th ASP World Surfing Championship, and in recognition of Kelly's philanthropic nature, the Quiksilver Foundation teamed up with Kelly for "10 for TEN" and donated a total sum of $100,000 to benefit 10 non-profit organizations selected by The Champ himself. Way to go Kelly!

Having just won his 11th world title, there's no telling what Kelly will decide to do next.