Javier Mendizabal

Javier Mendizabal

Javier is a pro skater from the Basque country who earned all due respect from his fellow US pros by being himself. Considering that skateboarding is the only way that Javier has found to express himself would be an error. Photography and art in general are an another essential component in Javier's Bohemian way of life.

It’s by settling in Barcelona that Javi met Baptiste Vuerich. Together they decided to create sunglasses by recycling broken skateboards: Vuerich B project was born. Roaming on roads which few skateboarders have ventured before gave him the taste of sharing his conviction all around the world: everything is possible if you have the passion for it.

Becoming ambassador of the skateistan project is a way for Javier to mix his passion for traveling and skateboarding by offering the chance to young cambodians to enhance theirselves through skateboarding.

Here are his first impressions after his visit to Skateistan Cambodia "Visiting and skating with the Skateistan crew in Phnom Penh was a totally inspiring experience. The job they are doing with the kids in Cambodia and Afghanistan is so refreshing… Bringing fun and motivation through skateboarding... This is what its all about!"

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